Exhibitions and private views

Table For Living by Emily Rohrer

Table For Living by Emily Rohrer

Designer Makers MA interim show

The interim show for designer maker strand of the Camberwell College MA (south London) had it’s private view on Wednesday night. It is part of my intention to try and engage in the time left with other MA pathways and turning up to their interim show was a good way to do that.

Designer Makers are a small group but they successfully filled the Wilson Road ground floor with work. Although I’ve my favourites the standard of all the work on display was high which bodes well for the end of year show!

I really liked Emily Rohrer’s furniture models (seen above). There is something intrinsically engaging about miniatures especially ones with moving parts. Displayed with the plans they were very much like architectural models.

Ceramic work by Jessica Zoller

Ceramic work by Jessica Zoller

Jessica Zollers ceramic work also caught my eye, and for me had a link to Sara Willets gouged acrylic that was on show last year at Wilson road. The forms have an organic coral like feeling swarming up the wall as they did.

Lu Hakozaki had some interesting furniture models in a very different mode to Emily’s work. Photo’s of which are on her blog. I really liked the rounded skeletal forms and was intrigued with how these were made.

Spidering it’s way up the wall was a wirey meandering piece that I think is Ashley Hemingway’s (maybe someone can confirm this). My impression of this¬† wirey piece was that it felt like a journey on the underground mirroring the point to point feeling that one gets from not seeing the landscape travelled only the landmarks. The wire and enamel also felt like the steel and tiles that make up so much of the essence of a tube trip.

I’m someone who can stand a look at work I enjoy for ages, both admiring the craft and skill of the maker and trying to divine both the artists intent and what it means for me personally.

Designer Makers from this years MA can feel proud, I was impressed by the skill and ideas driving the work.

For the curious you can find out more about the artists via the Designer Makers MA wiki:


Version at Medcalf, Exmouth Market

Version invitation and map

This week also saw the private view for the Version exhibition at the Medcalf in Exmouth Market, featuring ex-MA Camberwell students.

The concept was an interesting idea with the artists pairing up and creating works inspired by elements of each others practice. The Medcalf has regular small exhibitions with a great little space paired with a restaurant bar.

This exhibition is definitely worth having a look at and is on till the end of April.

Jane Henricks has some photo’s on her blog of the night.

You can also see some of the artists work at the Medcalf blog:


Ronald Searle at the Cartoon Museum

Ronald Searle - Graphic Master catalogue

The Cartoon Museum in central London is currently hosting a retrospective of Ronald Searle’s work.

The exhibition successfully covers his life’s work featuring not only his early noteworthy pieces like the St Trinian’s series but much of the editorial work¬† that he became known for. Searle is 90 now so I can only imagine how tricky it must have been to pick out what to keep in and what to leave.

It’s interesting to see his transition, from the rough drawings of his prison camp life during the second world war to the success that St Trinian’s brought and the development of his line and colour work in the decades since. I highly recommend dropping by, it’s on till July.

Matt Jones on his blog has done a great job of writing about Searle for those who want a bit more background.

End note

I have been busy on my project work and hope to have some posts featuring more of my works in progress shortly.