Political Satire

Zombie banker

Zombie banker: Asleep at the wheel bankers.


Cleggmania: Spruiking for the left at the height of poll Libdem popularity.

Gordon at the end

Tired: At the end of Labour’s term in office Gordon looking tired.

Screamin' Lord Sutch

Scream’n Lord Sutch: The real face of politics?

Not perfect but I feel like these are much closer to where I want to be in terns of layout, ideas and style for editorial work.

Loving the Deleter ink and dip pens suggested by Will Bailey. They produce a much finer line than the Uni-ball pens and provide more control than standard dip pens. The ink also dries in a more scanner friendly finish than Winsor and Newton calligraphy ink. The calligraphy ink can be very shiney and reflective making it difficult when scanning anything with colour on the page.