Onwards and upward

Cyber tutorial painting (30.05.09)

Yes you have arrived at my ‘UPGRADED’ blog and you are being upgraded just keep looking into my blank eye sockets!! No really though it’s time for a fresh start the blog is moving and so am I to sunny Bethnal Green.

Okay I admit this isn’t my concept it’s a digital painting tutorial I’ve being doing lifted from the very handy ImagineFX concept art/illustration magazine. I’ve learnt a great deal from doing it so I felt it was important to blog it.

It’s all photoshop and wacom action and I have learnt loads about rendering shine metallic arses (yes I know it’s just a head shot in this instance.)

There’s about half an hour of tutorial (god it takes me so much longer in real time) to go. I was tempted to make my own design but I think I got a bit more out of following the tutorial fairly closely.

Unfortunately our man was using Photoshop CS for his tutorial (old school in computer time, seeing as we are now on CS4) but the principals were much the same. I actually think you could probably do a lot of what was done with this piece a lot quicker with CS4.

I am a big sci-fi nut so this was pretty fun to do in my book I’ll post the completed pic once it’s done.