Blur thumb mono

Blur – another Illustration Friday post.

This is a very art centric piece, you often blur or blend a line or shading in pencil drawing using your thumb so this is that kind of idea looking up from underneath, as though the paper were glass.

Perhaps it should have been from above? Regardless I enjoyed this piece, it’s part life drawing practice part Illustration Friday challenge, our teacher encouraged us to use tonal drawing as a means of quickly creating a realistic ‘finished’ looking image. I enjoy the technique a lot.

I made this on a large A3 size sheet which allowed for a lot more detail but I still moved fairly quickly finishing it in a couple of hours.

I quite like working large and close up although the head of my course would say it should have more of the hand! That would be a large drawing but it may be worth trying!

I really enjoy using a variety of pencils to create different tonal shading effects. This was largely done with B, 3B, and 5B pencil and then I found my 4B graphite which I used for the British Museum sketches and adds a lot more contrast which is also nice.

Yes this is my drawing hand!

Hope you like it.



Strong for Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday piece this week it’s strong and stinky cheese themed entry. More pen, ink and acrylic style.

The cheap scanner has got the colour quite wrong the orange is meant to be much yellower and the whole piece shades lighter.

I’ve some new dip pen nibs courtesy of a certain crafty fox and they are giving me even more control over the process.

After spending all day in the digital world of Photoshop and Illustrator it’s nice to get dirty and messy with some old school art tools.

Ink mmm… extra messy.