Cyberman final and comments


Seems like I’ve been working on this forever but finally it’s finished.

The concept is Matthew Savage’s vision of the Cyberman as presented in his tutorial for ImagineFX magazine. The video tute did seem to miss out some details and ended before the image was finalised but it was enough to get a decent result from.

I now feel like I have much better control of Photoshop as a means of digital painting and some new ideas on how to intergrate found and photographed textures.

I especially like the techniques Matt presented for distressing the metal and quickly adding points of details with the screws, grooves and scratches.

Although I’d prefer to be working on my own images I felt I had reached an impasse as far as the methods for creating the type of images I wanted to produce.

This seemed like a good way to break the impasse and I feel much more confident digital image making. I now have a better grasp of the language of digital art and can’t wait to get started on my next project!