Welcome (yeees welcome…)


Another belated Illustration Friday post for this weeks ‘welcome’ challenge. Originally I had an idea for a caped Dracula character bowing in welcome but that just seemed a bit on the cheesy side.

So with this I thought I’d have a grotesque character offering a tiny little gift to make you ask whether this is the kind of welcome you wanted. Is he even welcoming you, maybe he wants to EAT YOU… mmm…. !

Another pen, ink and acrylic piece which ended up on cartridge paper, which isn’t ideal. Not as much acrylic work on this piece though. I did start colouring it in Painter X but it seemed to water down the more dramatic impact of the mono ink work.

I spent some time on the ink but the cartridge paper can only take so much before the paper starts to break up.

This piece was based on a series of character sketches that I’ve been exploring in my sketchbook.



Strong for Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday piece this week it’s strong and stinky cheese themed entry. More pen, ink and acrylic style.

The cheap scanner has got the colour quite wrong the orange is meant to be much yellower and the whole piece shades lighter.

I’ve some new dip pen nibs courtesy of a certain crafty fox and they are giving me even more control over the process.

After spending all day in the digital world of Photoshop and Illustrator it’s nice to get dirty and messy with some old school art tools.

Ink mmm… extra messy.