Strong for Illustration Friday

Illustration Friday piece this week it’s strong and stinky cheese themed entry. More pen, ink and acrylic style.

The cheap scanner has got the colour quite wrong the orange is meant to be much yellower and the whole piece shades lighter.

I’ve some new dip pen nibs courtesy of a certain crafty fox and they are giving me even more control over the process.

After spending all day in the digital world of Photoshop and Illustrator it’s nice to get dirty and messy with some old school art tools.

Ink mmm… extra messy.



Wrapped zombie banker

Another Illustration Friday post, it’s quite a good challenge even when I miss the deadline but not this week! ;p

Somehow I started with objects and kiddies with toilet paper playing in a garden but ended with the beastie that is the Zombie Banker, out moaning about his need for, you guessed it, “Pounds, more pounds!!”

I love zombie films and who could resist Zombie bankers. So many of my characters seem to end up in smart suits so it was only logical. This creatures of the undead even has a hanky to remind him of his pre-zombie existence!

Very much enjoying the calligraphy pen, paint brush, water coloured paper and the odd bit of acrylic! The pen makes such great scratchy noises on watercolour paper.